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“Health is more than the absence of a Disease!”

Sending out an SOS for Saving Ourselves Volunteers!

Saving Ourselves welcomes and encourages volunteers to come aboard and be a part of community involvement.  Volunteers will have opportunities to make a difference within the community we live.

Let’s get out there and read to our children, let’s band together and feed our hungry, and most important let’s make sure our expecting moms are getting the quality of care and education to have healthy babies.

Literacy L.I.B.R.O. (Literacy Increases by Reading Out Loud)

  • Volunteers will assist in schools, faith-based and community organizations to provide “interactive story time” designed to increase literacy and a love of reading.

  • Volunteers will read to children in classrooms and assist with the “All About Me Books” project by reading on Annual Literacy Day, April 19th, dedicated to Dr. Seuss.

  • Volunteers will participate in other selected school events.

Mobile Food Pantry (Community Food Pantries)


  • Community food pantries decrease food insecurity.  Open to public, food pantries are held within the community with partner organizations including: Local business, schools, churches, corporations and others.  ​

  • Volunteers will assist with set-up, labeling, packing, loading and food delivery.  They will also help with breakdown and cleanup at the end of each event.

Community Baby Shower (open to public)

  • Baby Showers are held within the community with partner community organizations including: Local business, schools, churches, corporations and others

  • Community Baby Showers offer Prenatal and Postpartum Education

  • Volunteers assist by servicing lunch to our expecting mom’s, assisting with raffle drawings, setup and breakdowns; light lifting, distributing handouts and assisting with prenatal and postpartum class and resources (car seat, crib, diapers, etc.)

SOS Community Garden

  • ​SOS community garden is just that, a community garden for all to be a part of.  This community garden will allow positive interaction, community relationship building, and most of all nutritional foods for all to eat.

  • Children are encouraged to participate

    • Cultivating the garden

    • Planting

    • Digging

    • Maintaining garden (watering, picking)

    • Assist in the Community garden giveaway (every October)

It’s great to look good, it’s even better to feel good!

Let’s get Serious on Saturday’s…  


Saving OurSelves is a community Health Educational Organization.  


  • SOS promotes health awareness, and would like to partner with, (You) local barber shops and beauty salons to raise health awareness throughout our community.


  • SOS health sessions are held once a month on Saturday’s from 10am to 12pm. Your shop or salon can take part in providing your client’s and community with Health education, healthy snacks, health resources, gift bags, and raffle prizes. (All giveaways provided by SOS)


Book your Serious Saturday appointment by contacting:  

Dorothy Williams  (414) 750-4564